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Buchtele, Roman, Cudlínová, Eva, Lapka, Miloslav, Sagapova, Nikola, Krásnická, Martina, Vávra, Jan, Dvořáková Líšková, Zuzana. 2023. „Energy literacy in Czechia and its influence on citizens’ perception of energy consumption behaviour.“ Ekonomia i Srodowisko / Economics and Enviroment 84 (1): 306 - 327. ISSN 2300-6420. [cit. 11. 6. 2023]. Dostupné z:

The analysis is based on a sample of 1015 citizens from Czechia. The cognitive energy literacy index (CELI), based on the knowledge of the energy mix in electricity production and the knowledge of the import/export of electricity in Czechia, is constructed in this article. The research aims to answer the following questions: What is the level of CELI within the population of Czechia? To what extent do the selected socio-demographic indicators affect the CELI? To what extent does CELI influence respondents' perceptions? The medium level of CELI is widespread across the population, while high and low levels of CELI are roughly equally shared. People with a high CELI are more likely to be older men with a university education. CELI also significantly affects the perception of behaviour on an individual, collective, and systemic level. Higher CELI is also associated with higher support for innovative solutions and renewable energy resources.

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