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Mysíková, Martina, Večerník, Jiří. 2016. „Spokojenost se životem a zaměstnáním v České republice.“ Politická ekonomie 64 (7): 851-866. ISSN 0032-3233. Dostupné z:

The article deals with life and job satisfaction of the Czech working-age population. First it highlights concepts of happiness and satisfaction within the emerging multidimensional approaches to individual and societal well-being. Then, it resumes the data sources of those measures, with specific attention to the Module on Subjective Well-being of the survey EU-SILC. Using this data, basic characteristics and determinants of life satisfaction are shown first and basic characteristics and determinants of job satisfaction after that. Finally the relationship between these two dimensions of satisfaction is analysed. It appears that determination of life satisfaction by socio-demographic and economic characteristics of individuals and households is much higher than the determination of job satisfaction. The identity of “contradictory” categories where life satisfaction significantly outweighs job satisfaction and vice versa is weak.

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