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Kristýna Pospíšilová, Marta Vohlídalová. 2022. „Rozdíl v odměňování žen a mužů, efekt rodičovství a prekarity.“ Sociológia/Slovak Sociological Review 54 (3): 244-277. Dostupné z:

Gender pay gap, parenthood and work precarity. The paper focuses on how parenthood
(measured by the number of children) contributes to the high level of gender pay gap (GPG)
in the Czech Republic and how is it shaped by precarious work contracts. The analysis is
based on a questionnaire survey of a representative sample of 1119 respondents aged 20 to
55 years. Sequential testing of regression models proved that number of children affects
significantly the size of a GPG, even after controlling for several factors. The interaction
between gender and the number of children explains 22% of the total GPG for hourly wages
and 30% of the total GPG for monthly wages. Parenthood plays a key role, especially among
precarious workers, where it explains about 49% of the total GPG.
Sociológia 2022, Vol. 54 (No. 3: 244-277)


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