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Guasti Petra, Mansfeldová Zdenka, Myant Martin, Bönker Frank. 2020. „Czechia Report. Sustainable Governance Indicators 2020.“ Bertelsmann Stiftung Publishing House, Gütersloh. (studie) Dostupné z: https://www.sgi-network.org/2020/Czechia.

The Sustainable Governance Indicators is a platform built on a cross-national survey of governance that identifies reform needs in 41 EU and OECD countries. The SGI brings together a broad network of experts and practitioners aiming to understand what works best in sustainable governance. The country study is a part of this cross-national comparative survey.

SGI is designed to identify and foster successes in effective policymaking in the given time period. The project is supported by Bertelsmann Foundation and explores how governments target sustainable development in a time period from November 2018 until November 2019. The sustainable governance is built on three pillars: (1) The Policy Performance Index which measures country’s performance in sixteen individual policy areas along the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental policies); (2) The Democracy Index which assesses how country compares with regard to the quality of democracy and the rule of law; (3) The Governance Index examines framework conditions for long-term stability of the democratic system.

Driven by evidence-based analyses, the SGI helps a variety of stakeholders throughout the OECD and EU to navigate the complexity of effective governance. The question is: what works/ doesn´t works, in which context and why? Answering these questions can help generate innovative responses to cross-cutting challenges worldwide. The study enables to examine the Czech Republic from the comparative perspective because the study is based on the same methodology and use of OECD statistical database completed by national data.


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