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Večerník, Jiří. 1997. „Transformační procesy v socio-ekonomické perspektivě.“ Sociologický časopis 33 (3): 259-272 . ISSN 0038-0288.

Transformation cannot be completed unless markets hit not only the formal, but also the substantive aspect of economy. It involves economic institutions (first of all private ownership), economic behaviour (based on „cash nexus“ as well as confidence and other traditional values) and economic actors (especially the middle classes). The economic problems of 1996-1997 indicate the incompleteness of the transformation in the substantive sense. It involves the in sufficient shift of „class hegemony“ from the working class, which shields – by its rigidity – the former bureaucratic nomenklatura, towards the middle classes, who by their economic, market-public ambivalence support the balanced social encapsulation of the economy, and also support the alteration of democratic governments by their political, leftrightist ambivalence. However, despite the fact that the expansion of the middle classes is not yet sufficient to anchor market processes, the progress made so far is still impressive.


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