Peer-reviewed journal article
Chaloupková, Jana. 2007. „Diferenciace motivů svobodného mateřství: proč neprovdané matky nevstoupily před narozením svého prvního dítěte do manželství?“ Data a výzkum - SDA Info 1 (2): 127-140. ISSN 1802-8152.

This paper, based on data from survey Social and economic condition of motherhood 2006, examines on micro-level reasons, by which unwed mothers have explained their family situation at the childbirth. In the first part three types of motivation of non-marital motherhood are identified: absence/disapproval of partner, liberal orientation and pragmatic (economic) motivation. Further, the analysis focuses on social-demographic characteristics and a character of family arrangements of these three groups of unwed mothers. In second part, paper deals with a question, which form of family and partner arrangement unwed mothers consider as ideal.

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