Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

was established in its present form in 1990. Institute of Sociology is engaged in the pursuit of research into contemporary society and in the provision of post-graduate education in the field of sociology. It conducts ongoing and one-time empirical surveys, comparative research studies, public opinion surveys, and case studies, applying modern qualitative and quantitative research methods, and it also cultivates the development of sociological theory and methodology. Research at the Institute also makes use of information, concepts and methods drawn from related scholarly fields, such as economics, law, political science, demography, social geography, and gender studies.

Institute of Sociology is located in Prague. Institute of Sociology also comprises the Sociological Data Archive (CSDA), the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) and the Library of the Institute of Sociology.

The institute’s mission is founded on five interconnected objectives/functions:

  1. to serve as the leading institution of basic research in sociology and related disciplines in the country;
  2. to assist public administration and other relevant actors in the work of tackling various societal and social issues;
  3. to serve the general public, the media, public institutions, and the business community as a source of impartial information about society and society’s development;
  4. to support the Czech sociological community and its professional needs and development;
  5. to act as a link between the domestic and international professional sociological communities.

Post-graduate Study

Following a decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, accreditation of the doctoral programme in sociology offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University was extended to include the Institute of Sociology. Since 2002 the Institute of Sociology has offered two post-graduate degrees, making it possible to acquire a doctorate in sociology or in public and social policy. Both full-time and combined post-graduate study programmes are offered. Students have the same rights and obligations of post-graduate students at Charles University.

Financial Support for Research Projects

Most of research projects are funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, while others are funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and different ministries and foreign institutions. Smaller forms of support have also been acquired from some independent foundations and funds.

Application of the Research Results

The results of the research conducted by the teams and departments at the Institute of Sociology are publicised in academic publications and domestic and foreign academic journals, and are presented at seminars and national and international conferences. The results are also made available for use by bodies of state administration, parliament, and educational and other institutions. The empirical data that are acquired as part of the majority of the sociological studies are archived in the Sociological Data Archive, where they remain available for use by the academic community, teachers and students for non-commercial purposes.

International Co-operation

Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences participates in a number of multi-national and international scientific programmes. The Institute is involved in the organisation of important international scientific meetings and in the exchange of scientific information among institutions in various countries.

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