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Kostelecký, Tomáš. 2005. „Hodnocení rozvojových možností kraje a navrhované cesty k jejich dosažení.“ Pp. 89-105 in Kostelecký Tomáš, Jana Vobecká (eds.). Regionální elity 2004. Sociologické studie / Sociological Studies 05:03. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 152 s. ISBN 80-7330-074-5.

The opinions of the regional elite on the development possibilities of the regions were analyzed. Most of respondents are optimistic. The effort in gaining the money from EU funds, preferential support for domestic small and medium enterprises, and the support for the development of tourism was most often mentioned as the main development priorities the regions should concentrate. There is more or less consensus about the main development priorities among the different types of regional elite.

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Kostelecký, Tomáš, Jana Vobecká (eds.)
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