Nešporová, Olga, Věra Kuchařová. 2009. Rodiny přistěhovalců II. Praha: VÚPSV, v.v.i. 79 s. ISBN 978-80-7416-040-0.

The monograph paper focuses on the issue of immigration from a family perspective, which has so far been largely overlooked by research into migration in the Czech Republic. Only one group of immigrants is observed, namely immigrants from "third countriesö to which the strictest legislative measures apply. The methodology used is that of a qualitative field survey in non-mixed families of immigrants from Ukraine, Vietnam, and Bulgaria. Analysis of qualitative data takes place on three levels: national, family and individual. Attention is focused on the following areas of foreignersĺ lives that can help to explain many of the strategies opted for by foreigners in the Czech Republic: family networks, labour market positions, integration, and living conditions.


migration and mobility


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