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Vlachová, Klára. 2000. „Proměny české politické scény - strany a voliči.“ Pp. 227-252 in Matějů, Petr, Klára Vlachová (eds.). Nerovnost, spravedlnost, politika. Česká republika 1991-1998. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství SLON. 402 s. ISBN 80-85850-82-6.

This article maps out the shifts in votes to the Parliament and the developing stability of voting behaviour in relation to the developing system of political parties. It confirmed suppositions that the Czech political scene is in a process of development which will lead to a change in the party system. It is nevertheless clear that the political scene here is moving closer to that common in western democracies. Voting preferences in the Czech Republic are becoming more stable. The number of people who change their allegiance between elections or in the course of an election campaign is falling.

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politics (and political attitudes)
elections (and polls)
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