Peer-reviewed journal article
Večerník, Jiří. 2001. „From Needs to the Market.The changing inequality of household income in the Czech transition.“ European Societies 3 (2): 191-212 . ISSN 1461-6696.

Statistical income surveys are used to document systemic changes in distribution of household income and its determinants in the period 1988-1996: 1. the growing difficulties of income surveys under the democratic regime are reflected; 2. the substantive meaning of various income indicators and their relationship to the social and economic situation is discussed; 3. growing disparities of income after 1989 and the shift from demographic factors (numbers of active earners and children, age) to socioeconomic factors (education, branch, occupation) are displayed; 4. increasing redistribution of income through taxes and social benefits is documented.


wages and incomes
social policy
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