Marková Volejníčková, Romana, Pospíšilová, Marie, Křížková, Alena. 2016. Gender a energetika. Praha: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. 82. ISBN 978-80-7330-297-9. Available from:

Energy is not merely a technological field, it also influences and is influenced by the wider social context. From various perspectives energy impacts the lives of people and it shapes people, not just those who work in the field of energy, in various ways. This publication focuses specifically on how these processes operate from the perspective of gender equality. Gender inequality in the field of energy is not yet a subject much addressed in the Czech Republic: it is not the subject of research surveys, it does not rank among the basic issues addressed by non-profit organisations, energy companies, or other stakeholders in the field of energy, and it is not a priority in the funding of their activities. The publication presents six basic areas in which gender inequalities occur in connection with the field of energy. These include the issue of the unequal shares of women and men working in the production and distribution of energy, gender inequalities in energy from the perspective of non-profit organisations, differences between men and women in their opinions on nuclear power, gender inequalities connected with the effects of energy poverty, and gender inequalities in the area of how energy impacts health. The last area is that of energy and gender inequalities in regional planning and transport. The publication is based on twenty expert interviews with males and females involved in the energy sector or dealing with this field. The aim of the publication is to begin the process of filling in the gap in knowledge about gender equality in connection with energy in the Czech Republic and to make recommendations on how to advance the subject of energy and gender inequalities in the Czech Republic and how to begin to reduce gender inequalities.

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