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Vlachová, Klára. 2000. „Economic Justice in the Czech Republic, 1991-1995.“ Pp. 45-77 in Mason, David S., James R. Kluegel. Marketing Democracy: Changing Opinion about Inequality and Politics in East Central Europe. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. 302 s. ISBN 978-0-7425-0152-2.

The article examines the results of 1991 and 1995 ISJP (International Social Justice Project) surveys conducted in the Czech Republic. The surveys showed that among citizens of post-communist countries Czechs stood closest to the West in their profile of beliefs and attitudes about economic justice. In 1991, Czech citizens strongly resembled their counterparts in Western Europe with regard to support the key principles of capitalism and in their attitudes toward state intervention in economy.


politics (and political attitudes)
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