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Krulichová, Eva, Zuzana Podaná. 2019. „Adolescent fear of crime: Testing Ferraro’s risk interpretation model.“ European Journal of Criminology 16(6): 746-766. ISSN 1477-3708. Available from:

The aim of this study is to broaden the scope of knowledge on fear of crime by examining if Ferraro’s risk interpretation model of fear of crime also holds true for the adolescent population. Using data on approximately 1500 Czech students in middle and grammar school, we test three different models. First, the classic model of fear of crime, applied originally to adults, is estimated. Second, the role of perceived school disorganization is examined, taking into account that adolescents spend a substantial part of the day at school. Finally, we propose an extension of Ferraro’s model by considering parental supervision as a factor influencing adolescent fear of crime through risk perception and avoidance behaviour. The results indicate that Ferraro’s original model of fear of crime can be appropriately applied to both adults and adolescents. Nevertheless, adolescent risk perception, which remains the most influential determinant of individual fear, seems to be influenced by stimuli stemming from the school rather than the neighbourhood environment. Furthermore, the relationship between parental supervision and fear of crime is mediated by avoidance behaviour, while no direct effect of parental supervision on risk perception and fear of crime was found in the data.


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