Project duration: 
2022 - 2025

Building on the Horizon 2020 project GENDERACTION, the overall goal of GENDERACTIONplus is to contribute to the coordination of gender equality and inclusiveness objectives of the new European Research Area (ERA) through the development of two communities of practice (CoPs), one consisting of representatives of national authorities and the second of representatives of Research Funding Organisations. The network consists of a total of 22 EU Member States (MS) and 3 Associated Countries (AC) with 26 project partners and 14 Associated partners. 

Adding the plus sign to former GENDERACTION refers not only to the fact that it is a follow-up project but also to make explicit that it also addresses diversity and intersectionality (the gender+ approach).

Specifically, the GENDERACTIONplus project aims to 

  • Develop strategic policy advice on existing and emerging policy solutions; 
  • Enhance the policy-making process through engaging with stakeholders, civil society organisations, and citizens;
  • Build capacities, competence, and expertise for gender equality and mainstreaming in Research & Innovation among the policy and RFO community members, with special attention to countries with a less comprehensive policy;
  • Create impact through communication, dissemination, and exploitation. 

Thematically, the project focuses on

  • Intersectionality and inclusiveness
  • Gender-based violence
  • Gender dimension in research and innovation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of European research area (ERA) gender equality actions
  • Promoting institutional change through Gender equality plans (GEPs)

GENDERACTIONplus aims to achieve the following impacts 

  • Advanced policy coordination among MS and AC and through stakeholder and citizen engagement.
  • Improved research careers and working conditions in European R&I, by developing policy dialogue and solutions on inclusion and intersectionality, combating gender-based violence, and promoting institutional changes through GEPs.
  • Increased research quality and social responsibility of knowledge through the integration of gender dimension in research and innovation (R&I).
  • Reduced geographic inequality by targeting less experienced/engaged countries and regions.

GENDERACTIONplus stands for Gender Equality Network to Develop ERA Communities To coordinate Inclusive and sustainable policy implementatiON

GENDERACTIONplus is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101058093.

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sociology of science
public policy
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International project

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