Project duration: 
2017 - 2019

 Aim of the project is to develop conceptualisation of transnational families in Czech sociology and apply in research of work–life reconciliation strategies of third country nationals and their families living in the Czech Republic. In the analysis, we focus on the largest migrant communities—those of Vietnamese and Ukrainian origin to identify the possibilities and barriers these groups of migrants face when trying to reconcile their work and family lives. Also, we will gain insight into the integration processes of migrant families. We are seeking to answer the following question: What are the care arrangements of the Vietnamese and Ukrainian migrant families and its impact on the family relations and integration of the second migrant generation in the Czech Republic? The project builds on a) an institutional analysis of migration policies and welfare state programmes, b) statistical analysis of the migrant populations, c) qualitative analysis of work–life reconciliation strategies and experience of the generation of migrants raised in CR, d) media analysis on the cultures of care.

Reg. No: 17-21259S

migration and mobility
Grant agency: 
Czech Science Foundation (GACR)