Peer-reviewed journal article
Nyklová, Blanka, Dana Moree, Vanda Maufras Černohorská. 2022. „Nevědění jako faktor v nepravidelné regulaci domácího násilí na ženách v zrcadle pandemie covidu-19.“ Czech Sociological Review 58(5): 533-562. Available from:

In this article, we interpret some of the findings from an extensive explorative qualitative study conducted from April to December 2020 that used semi-structured interviews, interviews with clients of an assistance-providing organisation, and analyses of concrete cases from the period of the first pandemic lockdown in the Czech Republic. Domestic violence, especially in the form of intimate partner violence against women, was expected to grow in intensity as a result of the social crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of the Czech Republic did not introduce any special measures to address this during any of the lockdowns or as part of any counter-pandemic measures. To interpret the analysis, we deploy a conceptualisation of ignorance. Ignorance in the area of domestic violence is reflected in the inconsistency of the system of assistance, and this was observed during the pandemic as well. Ignorance is shown to be integral to the system of assistance to domestic violence survivors and a key factor in its efficiency. The article also brings concrete insights into the effects of ignorance, which could be used as a basis for introducing practical changes to the system of assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

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