Paper published in conference proceedings
Poláková, Markéta - Patočková, Věra - Vojtíšková, Kateřina. 2014. „Cultural planning in two cities of the Czech Republic.“ Rotschedl, J.; Čermáková, K.). s. 393. Proceedings of the 14th international academic conference. . Praha: International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES). ISBN 978-80-87927-06-9.

According to the Committee on culture of the world association of United Cities and local Governments and its document "Agenda 21 for culture" (2004), culture should be considered as one of the four pillars of sustainable development on an equal footing with the others. This paper will focus on the process of developing cultural planning process in two small and medium sized towns (Louny and Děčín) situated in the northwest part of the Czech Republic.

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