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This article outlines developments in empirical research on social stratification in the four countries constituting currently the Visegrád Group (V4). Sociology has been developing, if unevenly, as a discipline in these countries since the 19th or early 20th century. Empirical research on social stratification, based on data collected in large surveys, started here by the mid-1960s, first in Poland, then in Hungary, and later in the former Czechoslovakia.

Téma: dějiny sociologie, sociální nerovnosti

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Previous research has shown that sleep deprivation, low quality sleep or inconvenient sleeping times are associated with lower quality of life. However, research of the longitudinal effects of sleep on quality of life is scarce. Hence, we know very little about the long-term effect of changes in sleep duration, sleep quality and the time when individuals sleep on quality of life.

Téma: zdraví, životní styl

Typ publikace: impaktovaný článekOddělení: Sociální stratifikace

The article analyses medical communication in popular media relating to the risks in reproduction in the state-socialist Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1989 and shows how it used emotions as an instrument to control women’s reproductive behaviour.

Téma: gender, rodičovství, zdraví

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Téma: kultura

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Životní styl spjatý s ekofeminismem se obrací směrem k rodině, domácnosti a lokálním komunitám. Nejde přitom o prostoduchou reprodukci zažitých genderových rolí, ale naopak o návrat k možnostem emancipace založené na inteligenci a tvořivosti.

Téma: gender, klimatická změna, životní prostředí, životní styl

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This article explores the operation of homeless encampments as a part of governance by highlighting the role of affective atmospheres. The COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of lockdowns have seen the introduction of unprecedented measures into homelessness governance in Czech cities. Some have set up temporary homeless encampments as a response to the declaration of the state of emergency.

Téma: bydlení, město a vesnice, sociální nerovnosti, sociologická teorie, veřejná správa

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This study focuses on home-leaving pathways that have unfolded over a 5-year period after leaving home. It explores the association between socioeconomic background (parental education) and the long-term, solo-living, home-leaving pathways of young men and women across 29 European countries.

Téma: rodina

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Income redistribution and changes in redistributive policies are highly contested issues that often have a bearing on societal debate and electoral competition. Using European Social Survey data, we trace trends in public attitudes toward income redistribution in 18 European countries from 2002 to 2019, a time period which included the Great Recession, the 2015 migrant crisis, and an increase in income inequality.

Téma: ekonomie, občanská společnost, politika (a postoje k politice)

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Although previous research has shown that deliberative discussions have consequences for intergroup attitudes, very little is known about this impact during the formative adolescent years. In addition, the mechanism explaining the mechanism through which discussions affect intergroup attitudes is not clear.

Téma: občanská společnost

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Although political radicalism is one of the major societal threats, we have limited understanding of how it is formed. While there are reasons to expect that harassment experienced in adolescence increase the propensity for radicalism, this relationship has not yet been investigated. This five-wave study of Swedish adolescents (N = 892) examined the role of peer harassment in radical political behavior.

Téma: občanská společnost

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Public support for government institutions tends to increase in the face of threats such as armed conflict, terrorism, or natural disasters. This phenomenon, known as the 'rally-'round-the-flag' effect, has also been observed as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries. Citizens' trust in the government's good intentions and ability to handle a crisis is very important, as it gives government the legitimacy to take strong measures.

Téma: občanská společnost, politika (a postoje k politice)

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Anti-immigrant attitudes are associated with many social problems and reduction of negative attitudes toward immigrants is one of many actions which can assist in preventing these problems, promote better relations within society, and subsequently, create a better quality of life. School is one of the environments that provide opportunity to reduce anti-immigrant attitudes by implementing curriculums that require teachers to encourage discussions on the issue of immigrants and immigration.

Téma: občanská společnost

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Cílem této studie je identifikovat hlavní faktory, které mohou působit na odolnost českých domácností vůči finančním šokům skrze vliv na vytváření úspor – krátkodobé finanční rezervy.

Téma: ekonomie, mzdy a příjmy, životní úroveň

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The paper repositions homelessness in existing cities by highlighting the importance of transformative economic agency. Relying on a combination of long-term ethnographic research in the city of Pilsen, a traditional industrial second-order city in Czechia, and political–economic analysis, this paper introduces the concept of the quasi-household economy (QHE). This economy connects the informal and formal spheres and involves not only “homeless” people but also some classes of housed people.

Téma: bydlení, dluhy, ekonomie, globalizace, kultura, město a vesnice, mezilidské vztahy, mzdy a příjmy, sociální nerovnosti, sociologická teorie

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