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Hraba, Joseph, Allan L. McCutcheon, Jiří Večerník. 1997. „Životní šance mužů a žen v období transformace. Srovnání České a Slovenské republiky.“ Sociologický časopis 33 (4): 405-421. ISSN 0038-0288.

Growing gender inequality has been forecasted for post-communist Europe. This study compares trends in women’s and men’s self-reported economic life chances (unemployment and economic security) as well as anti-democratic attitudes with eight national surveys (1990 through 1994) in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Neither a divergence nor convergence between the genders is found. However, the republics diverged on many of the same indicators, particularly since separation in 1993. State policy and changing labour needs since 1990 are possible reasons for the lack of gender divergence in life chances. Future research in other post-communist countries should determine whether this is a cross-national trend or specific to these two countries.

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