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Maříková Hana, Formánková Lenka. 2015. „Workshop 2: Vstřícné pracovní podmínky v sociálním podnikání.“ (workshop)
Second workshop: 10 September 2015, social enterprises

The second workshop was entitled, ‘Friendly working conditions in social entrepreneurship: How to effectively develop and use the potential of employees with different kinds of disabilities?’. In the first part of the workshop, the participants discussed the advantages and disadvantages of diversity teams. An important advantage mentioned was the opportunity for personal development (e.g. learning to be patient, respecting the needs of others), whereas a problem discussed was work management because each person has specific job requirements (e.g. if handicapped people are a part of the work team). The second part of the workshop focused on the practices and realities in social enterprises. The most important insight from the discussions was the openness of social enterprises to diverse forms of work–life balance measures, such as flexible work arrangements or babysitting services.


For more information see http://genderpowermap.eu/event/czech-workshop


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