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Guasti Petra, Mansfeldová Zdenka, Myant Martin, Bönker Frank. 2016. „Sustainable Governance Indicators. 2016 Czech Republic Report.“ Bertelsmann Stiftung Publishing House, Gütersloh. (studie) Dostupné z: http://www.sgi-network.org/2016/Czech_Republic.

The country study is a part of a cross-national comparative survey Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI) designed to identify and foster successes in effective policymaking. The SGI explores how governments target sustainable development in a time period from November 2014 until November 2015. According the survey concept, sustainable governance is built on three pillars: (1) The Policy Performance Index which measures country’s performance in sixteen individual policy areas along the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental policies); (2) The Democracy Index which assesses how country compares with regard to the quality of democracy and the rule of law; (3) The Governance Index examines framework conditions for long-term stability of the democratic system.


politika (a postoje k politice)
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