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Guasti Petra, Mansfeldová Zdenka, Myant Martin, Bönker Frank . 2021. „Sustainable Governance in the Context of the COVID-19 Crisis. Czech Republic.“ (odborná studie) [cit. 13.12.2021]. Dostupné z: https://www.sgi-network.org/docs/2021/country/SGI2021_Czechia.pdf.

EU and OECD countries vary considerably in terms of their pre-crisis socioeconomic conditions. Their capacity for political reform also varies widely. These differences are likely to grow as the COVID-19 crisis continues. The country chapter is part of the cross-national comparative review of 29 OECD and EU countries which aim is a systematic comparison of COVID-19 crisis resilience (Christof Schiller, Thorsten Hellmann, Helene Schüle, Sascha Heller and Emma Gasster: Just How Resilient are OECD and EU Countries? Sustainable Governance in the Context of the COVID-19 Crisis).

The guiding questions are:

How well do democratic checks and balances function in a crisis?
How well-organized is the political process of crisis management?
How vulnerable are economic, health and social security systems?

How effective and sustainable is the crisis response?

Driven by evidence-based analyses, the SGI helps a variety of stakeholders throughout the OECD and EU to navigate the complexity of effective governance. The question is: what works/ doesn´t works, in which context and why? Answering these questions can help generate innovative responses to cross-cutting challenges worldwide. The study enables to examine the Czech Republic from the comparative perspective because the study is based on the same methodology and use of OECD statistical database completed by national data.


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