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Bernard, J., A. Steinführer, A. Klärner, S. Keim-Kl ärner. 2022. „Regional opportunity structures: A research agenda to link spatial and social inequalities in rural areas.“ Progress in Human Geography 47 (1). Dostupné z:

This paper introduces and discusses regional opportunity structures as a concept for analysing the inter-linkages between structural conditions in space, social inequalities, and people’s agency, with a focus on non-metropolitan areas. The concept adds value in the following ways: (1) it emphasises the regional scale as an important spatial context of access to opportunities; (2) it accounts for the complexity of the regional context, which provides a plethora of opportunities; (3) it recognises the interdependencies of regional effects and other drivers of inequality; and (4) it takes the regional level seriously as a background of the agency of a region’s inhabitants.


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