Trvání projektu: 
2000 - 2002

The project aims at making a prognosis about the post-accession
cohabitation of "Western" and "Eastern" cultures in the European Union
with a special emphasis on the differences between the now "included"
and the still "excluded" countries of the former Eastern Bloc.
Prediction will be based on current cultural encounters between the two
halves of Europe in the economy. Instead of relying on a simplistic
scheme, in which the "strong Western" culture devours the "weak
Eastern" one, the ACCESS project expects to find a great variety of
lasting cultural hybrids in economic and social behaviour. Thus, in an
unprecedented way, Eastern Enlargement is studied in conjunction with
its neglected counterpart, Western Enlargement.

Bundesministerium für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Wien

Řešitel: János Matyas Kovács, Institut für die
Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Wien
koordinátor české části: Jiří

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