Paper published in conference proceedings
Patočková, Věra - Šafr, Jiří. 2014. „Životní styl po roce 1989 – proměny trávení volného času ve sféře kulturní participace.“ Pp. Lázňovská, L.(ed.). Proměny kulturní infrastruktury v České a Slovenské republice po roce 1989. praha: NIPOS.

Trends in selected indicators of leisure activities in the Czech society since beginning 1990´s using results of CVVM surveys and CZO statistics are outlined. Using data from large surveys from 1994 to 2011 (SOÚ), main factors influencing highbrow culture participation are pursued. It is shown that generally socio-demographic characteristics have very slowly weakened. Cultural and social class homology is still present in the Czech society, and convergence of cultural life in rural areas and urban setting has been continuing since 1989. More detailed analysis of social space of lifestyles (for 2011 data) also highlights importance of life cycle and gender.

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