Chapter in monograph
Patočková, Věra. 2019. „Volný čas a práce v české a slovenské společnosti.“ Pp. 65-89 in Chorvát, I.; Šafr, J. (eds.). Volný čas, společnost, kultura: Česko – Slovensko. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství SLON.

The chapter presents the development of the position of leisure and work in the value system of the population of the Czech and Slovak Republics between 1991 and 2017, then focuses on the selected characteristics of leisure and work in more detail and shows how many hours the inhabitants of the Czech and Slovak Republics spend at work, how their work affects their personal and family life and whether they have enough time for their hobbies and interests. It is based mainly on the data from international surveys the European Value Study and European Working Conditions Survey.

Leisure plays an increasingly important role in the lives of Czechs and Slovaks, its importance is rising. On the contrary, the importance of work in the Czech Republic declined between 1991 and 2008. Work played a more important role in the life of the Slovaks. For both Czechs and Slovaks, it is important to relax and meet nice people in their leisure. Slovaks associate leisure more than Czechs with the opportunity to learn something new, for the Czechs, it is more important to do as they want in their leisure. The Czechs also declared significantly less acceptance with interference of work with their leisure. Slovaks more than the Czechs have emphasized that their work should be family-friendly.


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