Chaloupková, Jana. 2011. Rodinná a pracovní uspořádání v kontextu společenských změn v České republice po roce 1989. Proměny rodinných a pracovních startů. Dizertační práce. Praha: Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy. 173 s.

This dissertation explores the changes in professional and family starts of young men and
women in the Czech Republic. It compares an early family and work trajectories of persons,
who reached adulthood in 1990s and those theirs family and work starts occurred before 1989.
Theoretical and methodological background of this study draws upon a holistic approach to
the life-course study and a sequence analysis. The empirical analyses focus on three domains:
1) a normative context of family and work starts, 2) the development of variability of family
and work starts, 3) analysis of similarity (types) of early family and work trajectories. Using
ISSP 2002 data, the analysis deals with a sequence of family and work statuses held between
18 and 35 years of age. The analyses of the normative context show that in most European
countries social adulthood is more strongly linked to becoming financially independent than
to starting a family. In the Czech society dominates a norm of modified traditional family
trajectory including unmarried cohabitation, marriage and having child. A forming a family is
prerequisited by the finishing a study and having a job. Analyses of trends of variability
indicate that the trajectories of young people born in 1970s have been becoming more diverse
in line with de-standardization hypothesis. However, in the cohort born in the 1980s around
the age of twenty the diversity of family arrangements has been declining as result of a shift in
family transitions to a later age. Based on optimal matching the types of early family and
work trajectories of cohorts born up to 1967 were identified. Its key differentiating factor is an
education level. However, the patterns identified in cohort born at the end of 1960s had not
significantly differed from the older cohorts.

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