Chapter in monograph
Mansfeldová, Zdenka, Petra Rakušanová. 2008. „Legislative Budgeting in the Czech Republic.“ Pp. 279-291 in Stapenhurst, Rick, Riccardo Pelizzo, David M. Olson, Lisa von Trapp (eds.). Legislative Oversight and Budgeting. A World Perspective. Washington D.C: The World Bank. 342 s. ISBN 978-0-8213-7611-9.

The book deals with one of the three core functions of legislatures – the oversight, and demonstrates, how this function is performed in case of state budget. The chapter then analyses the specifics of the budget negotiation process in the Czech Republic, which is different from the general legislative process. Attention is paid to single stages of the budgeting process and the role the parliament and parliamentary oversight.


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