Peer-reviewed journal article
Stegmaier, Mary, Klára Vlachová. 2009. „The Endurance of the Czech Communist Party.“ Politics & Policy 37 (4): 799-820. ISSN 1555-5623.

The existence of an unreformed Communist Party stems from its historical roots in the country and the impact of the normalization period on the party’s membership base. However, in the post-communist period, we see that the party’s electoral fortunes have been tied to the position and politics of the ČSSD. Further, we have demonstrated that the KSČM has a loyal support base largely comprised of older voters. The KSČM voters’ views are distinct and further to the left of ČSSD voters, and as such, the KSČM fills what would otherwise be a representation void on the party spectrum.


public policy
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