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Rakušanová, Petra. 2007. „Členství v neziskových organizacích a vnímání a hodnocení NNO občany.“ Pp. 57-62 in Rakušanová, Petra, Barbora Stašková. Organizovaná občanská společnost v České republice. Praha: Professional Publishing. 116 s. ISBN 978-80-86946-22-1.

This study explores why the third sector is an important agent for promoting civic participation and interest representation. The empirical evidence presented in a first part of the study is organized using an analytical typology based on two key criteria: (a) type of organizational structure evident within specific non-governmental actors and (b) the organisational composition of the entire third sector in the Czech Republic. By using this methodological approach this research maps organisational structures within Czech civil society, and outlines fruitful lines of future inquiry.

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Rakušanová, Petra, Barbora Stašková
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