Project duration: 
2004 - 2006

The subject of the project is a sociological study of parenthood in the Czech Republic after partners break up as experienced on the one hand by the mothers who have been granted custody of the child (children) and on the other hand by the fathers who lose everyday contact with their child (children). An analysis is also made of the objective and institutional conditions of motherhood and fatherhood performance after partners divorce or separate in contemporary Czech society. The project is based on a comprehensive qualitative study, the secondary analysis of quantitative data, and direct observation. The main objective of the project is to reveal the difficulties faced by mothers and fathers after divorce, to analyse their reaction to these difficulties, and to understand the strategies of behaviour they apply in this situation.    

Principal investigator: 
Grant agency: 
Czech Science Foundation (GACR)

Publikace vydané v rámci projektu (celkem 11, zobrazeno 11 - 11)

Dudová, Radka

The chapter deals with the use of narration of life stories as research methodology in the sociological research, specifically in theresearch of the fatherhood after divorce in the Czech Republic.


methodology, human relations, parenting
Gender & Sociology
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Paper published in conference proceedings