Project duration: 
2021 - 2027

The aim of the Centre’s activities within the CZERA project is to: 
• support the competitiveness of Czech research organisations 
• increase their preparedness for cooperation at the international level in the new European research support program Horizon Europe
• strive for successful implementation of Czech and European strategies and commitments

Today, research and innovation must respond to current societal challenges and changing demands and standards within which they operate. The Centre will build on its current activities and will continue to provide comprehensive methodological, analytical, consulting and educational support in the field of equal opportunities, fair working conditions and harmonising family and professional life of research organisations, public administration institutions and European entities. 

The budget of the Centre’s activities for the years 2021 to 2027 is CZK 35.5 million, the number of funded full-time jobs is 5. Within this activity, the Centre committed itself to organise at least 24 seminars, develop 10 training modules, provide 60 consultations, prepare 60 internal trainings for research organisations and provide a continuous professional support for state advisory bodies and working groups. In addition, the Centre fulfils the obligations of the Czech Republic within the European advisory bodies and the chairmanship of the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation under the European Research Area and Innovation Committee.

sociology of science
Grant agency: 
Government ministry project

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Koubayová, Nathalie

In the publication, the NKC maps the position of women in science and innovation in the Czech Republic. The report has been published annually since 2005. It contains data on the representation of women in science and research across disciplines and economic sectors. You will also get an overview of the number of women in senior positions in science and research and the gender pay gap in academia. There is also an international comparison of the Czech Republic with other EU countries.

gender, sociology of science
National Contact Centre for Gender & Science
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