30. 5. 2024
14:00, meeting room 207, Jilská 1, Praha 1

Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences invites you to the spring cycle of Thursday sociological seminars.

Behind with the AI, ahead in its regulation: Czech media imaginary of artificial intelligence regulation analysed with CADS


The recent buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) has raised significant debate on the possibilities of its regulation in the EU. As with any developing technology, the future of AI depends on highly mediated shared visions. The seminar presents a case study of such AI regulation imaginaries in the Czech online mainstream media, covering the period of discussions regarding the EU's "AI Act" (2018-2023). The analysis based on Corpus Approaches to Discourse Studies (CADS) reveals representations of regulation as needed joint EU reaction to the danger of hectically developing AI. It also highlights journalists' focus on the tech industry and its products as a crucial area for future global power relations.

The study was supported by the Charles University, project GA UK No. 294723.

Tibor Vocásek is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Sociology, Charles University in Prague and a research collaborator at the Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University, Lisbon. He investigates language in social practice, focusing on the discourse of digital technologies in contemporary societies. His project, "Future According to Whom? Corpus-assisted Critical Analysis of the Imaginaries of Digital Economy in Czech Media", is funded by GAUK. He has also been organising artistic and educational events for several Czech organisations

Seminar will be held in English.

No registration is needed.

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